SHOT TV – is the biggest library of short films in Russia. It has more than 3000 films:
  • Premiers of tv shows in “short” format on Russian TV
  • Comedies
  • Horrors
  • World famous tv shows
  • Oscar nominees and winners
  • Best of Russian short-film collection, nominees and winners of “Kinotavr” biggest film festival in Russia
  • Short films with Hollywood stars
SHOT TV is using efficiently modern concept of tv consumption. Content of SHOT TV is highly functional. It can be watched on mobile devices in transport, bar, even on a beаch. Audience of SHOT TV have highly developed sense of humor and aesthetic taste. If one film seems to be not funny, next one will start in 5 min.
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Available in 260 Cities

More than 3,8 mln users

Broadcasting in HD format

150 movies per day

7 min
Average length of a movie

On air 24/7

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We are always looking for new talent and short films to broadcast on our TV channel and beyond. If you have a short flim that you would like us to consider, please complete the form on the following page:

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Short film tv channel, known as "Egoist TV" started broadcasting on "NTV+" platform as an exclusive non-family channel. On air were live action films produced by the world's best studios as well as production of leading Russian producers of “short films”.


"Egoist TV" started in the networks of the operator "AKADO".


“Egoist TV” made first short film “Snow”, producer Ivan Tverdovskiy.


“Egoist TV” started broadcasting in Belarus in basic package of interactive television ZALA.


Out-of-competition showing of “Egoist TV” channel short film collection on Moscow International Film Festival.


"Egoist TV" live broadcasted the IV Short Film Festival «MICROFEST». The students of Nikita Mikhalkov’s Academy of cinematographic and theatrical art took part in it. "Egoist TV" was awarded for its contribution into «MICROFEST» Film Festival.

The channel was rebranded and renamed into SHOT TV. Channel got new package based on monopoems of famous authors. The editors modified content of the channel for wider audience and expanded list of genres adding big amount of Russian short movies and comedies and entertaining short films produced by major Russian studios.


SHOT TV changed the style of broadcasting. The program schedule is divided into thematic blocks and new “look” of the channel was designed to show, that channel is broadcasting for wide audience. SHOT TV was the first channel that showed tv show “Urban myths” budget more than USD 100 mln. produced by Sky, British film studio. “Urban myths” tells stories which may or may not be true about Bob Dylan, Elise Cooper, David Bowie and other celebrities.

SHOT TV was the first Russian TV channel showing “Bitch”, comedy short-tv series produced by Lagardère. This tv show is about the desire of modern women draw men’s attention. Each episode is 1 minute long.
Another new arrival of this year is political satire “Servant of the People” - The series had not been previously shown on Russian TV.

Shot TV annually hosts the Festival of «Audience sympathy" in collaboration with the short films festival "Microfest". The channel editors support young producers.

Where to watch

ShotTV is available in Russia, Belorus and Armenia on more than 30 platforms.

NTV +, AKADO, ROSTELECOM (button 143, packages: And TV – "Your Starting", "Your Optimal", "Your Advanced", "Your Maximum", ITV 2.0. — ""Your Starting 2.0", "Your Optimal 2.0", "Your Advanced 2.0", "Your Maximum 2.0"), Orion Express, MGTS, MGTS, Inetkom.TV , GoodNet, disgusting, Redcom , Inetkom, “KPS”, OOO, ATK, ImpulsTV, JSC, Khimki TV Informsvyaz, Microimpuls, LLC "TIT", "Telenet", Home IPTV, TV IKS, OOO "Norby", "Godnet", Convex, Planeta,, Lime HD "Media Contact" – Belarus.

The channel is also available online through WINK platform.

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